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The new Castel APP can assist you in the design of your system by choosing the correct valve.

The APP simplifies the selection and configuration of the refrigeration circuit components, sizing them and indicating their behavior according to the installation branch and the gas used, providing the appropriate pressure drop value used for each selection.
Il software è in grado di dimensionare tutti i prodotti Castel, indicandone il comportamento in base al ramo di installazione ed al tipo di gas utilizzato, fornendo il valore di caduta di pressione appropriato per ogni selezione.


1. Seleziona il tipo di valvola

1. Select the type of valve

Solenoid valves, Check valves, Ball valves, and the whole range of Castel products.

2. Enter the project conditions

Enter the operating conditions of the system, such as: type of gas, evaporation, condensation, overheating, capacity and installation area.

3. Find compatible valves

Select the most suitable valve for your system among those recommended or check if the valve installed is correct.

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