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The Castel Regolo APP is able to quickly calculate the relationship between the pressure and temperature of the most common refrigerants in saturation conditions.
The app is able to provide for each refrigerant also the thermodynamic qualities of each gas, including the global warming potential (GWP) and the ozone depletion potential (ODP).

Within the app it is also possible to make a direct comparison between two different refrigerants, comparing at the same time the difference in saturation temperatures relative to a common reference pressure in the same screen view.

All calculations in the app are performed using extended curve fit models, based on the results of Refprop. In all zeotropic blends, it is also possible to see both the dew point and the bubble point, thus calculating the glide value.

The essential and the necessary to choose Castel Group! All the needed for a system in a single solution for each refrigeration application.

Castel Group is able to support you in the design of the systems by providing the correct valve with the right panel for your system.

These components work together in synergy, improving their behavior more and more. Helping the refrigeration technician to concentrate on setting up the entire system, removing the problem of choosing the correct connections from his concerns, and avoiding incompatibilities between the individual components themselves.

Pressure regulators

33-EL series for CO2 subcritical applications

Castel Pressure Regulators for CO2 Systems are designed to provide an economical method of refrigeration and air conditioning system control. Pressure Regulators series 33-EL are specifically designed to be suitable for CO2 subcritical systems with a maximum working pressure up to 45 bar.

La nuova APP di Castel per la ricerca e la verifica di valvole adatte ai tuoi impianti.
L’APP semplifica la selezione e la configurazione dei componenti del circuito frigorifero, dimensionandoli e indicandone il comportamento in funzione della diramazione dell’impianto e del gas utilizzato, fornendo per ogni selezione il valore di caduta di pressione appropriato. Il software è in grado di dimensionare tutti i prodotti Castel, indicandone il comportamento in base al ramo di installazione ed al tipo di gas utilizzato, fornendo il valore di caduta di pressione appropriato per ogni selezione.