Castel makes it happen

Our products are energy saving and on request, customized according to your particular needs.

Castel’s environmental commitment is another must of the company.

Castel is involved in the development of products for CO2 systems and technological solutions to reduce the environmental impact in all its projects in a direct and indirect way.


Suitable products for natural gas, skills and experience that go straight to the point ensuring high performance.

Green Castel

Technical news

Castel APP Product Selector The best way to choose your CASTEL products. The new APP from Castel simplifies the selection and conf...

Technical news

3061E The small and powerful safety valve for CO2 systems Castel, as a consolidated partner for CO2 applications, has developed th...
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Italian technology

The technology developed by Castel is totally Italian. We select the best Italian engineers, to work on our quality products. The organizational skills, the logistic efficiency and the punctuality of the service complete the full satisfaction of the customers for our products.

Italian technology
Close to your needs, in any part of the world

Castel is now present in more than 90 countries on 5 continents.
Europe is still Castel’s primary export market, with the key regions being France, Spain, Germany and Eastern Europe.
Exports are gaining foothold and increasing in Eastern countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia and India.
In 2010, Castel opened an associated company in China, “Castel Refrigeration Ltd (Shanghai)”, to support development in these countries, creating a logistics and commercial development platform for the entire Asian continent and the Pacific.
Castel also sells its products in Russia, the Middle East and Africa.
Recently, an associated company in the United States, “Castel USA, Inc.”, was established to support commercial and logistic development in the Americas, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

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