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One of the first Italian mechanical industries to receive company quality certification, Castel has learnt how to organise the entirety of its operations around criteria that over time can guarantee reliable products and the best levels of service possible.
Castel’s strengths lie in its organisational capacity, logistical efficiency and punctual services.
Thanks to this, Castel has received prestigious quality awards from around the world.
Castel has obtained various product certifications complying with European Directives, and European and non-European (e.g. UL and VDE) quality marks, which are all available online.

For years the company has been committed to developing cutting-edge solutions for the safety of systems and the use of new refrigerating fluids, of which some are natural.
Furthermore, a fruitful collaboration of exchange has been running for some time between Castel and the Politecnico di Milano, which has brought about several interesting studies on the field, as well as the opportunity to conduct further testing and experimentation using the University’s laboratory facilities.
Castel’s commitment to protecting the environment is another one of its top priorities.
Castel is involved in developing products for CO2 and HC systems, as well as technological solutions to indirectly and directly reduce the environmental impact of all of its projects.

Castel has been audited and approved by AQSIQ (SELO) to manufacture the Safety Appurtenances within the scope as: Spring loaded safety valves series 3061.
Technical characteristics of the safety valves series 3061 are satisfactory according to Chinese Standard TSG ZF001-2006 “Safety Supervision Regulations for Safety Valves”.